PUBG Mobile Gameplay Live New Desert Map Update Is Out

Welcome to PUBG Mobile ( pubg android ) Gameplay Live Stream. Where we are going to learn and help you guys with tips and tricks to win chicken dinner.Atm pubg is not available on iphone ios but will soon be , New map update will be coming soon to pubg mobile so stay tuned for that on my channel. Also just to let you know there are many people using hack in this game sad but that is the real truth so watch out , at the moment i am playing the english version on pubg mobile but china version is also out there for you guys to download. I am not using any controller but what i am using is an emulator which is called Tencent Gaming Buddy where i am connected with keyboard and mouse ( remember i am matchmaking agains pc players not mobile players so all fair plays ). one more great news the new desert map is also coming to pubg mobile soon . Hope you enjoy PUBG india

PUBG Mobile Gameplay Live ( Tencent Android Game Emulator ) New Map Update SOON !
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