Record of Lodoss War Online Gameplay Trailer – PC MMORPG

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Records of Lodoss War (Lodoss-tou Senki, Rōdosu-tō Senki) Online is released on August 31st, 2017.
It’s MMORPG with lots of Unique features, Including Groggy system, Shrine system,Chain System. Lodoss War Online is based on one of the best fantasy novels from Japanese fantasy novel history. You can enjoy the plot of original Lodoss War animation on Lodoss War Online.

1. The Most optimized MMORPG: You can enjoy Lodoss War Online with low-end PC without any hassle. 1.4 GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, and Geforce GT 9400 is recommended to play this game without any Frame drop.
2. Adventure the world of Forcelia
Explore the beautiful world made by Ryo Mizuno, the author of the novel “Lodoss War” in Classic, Anime-type 2D graphics. Grow your character and do the main quests to follow the plot of original Lodoss War Online You will definitely fall in love with the storyline.
3. Unique Groggy and Chain Reaction system
Land your skills timely for more chains. Stun your enemy by utilizing Groggy system.

You will fall in love with this Animation based MMORPG. If you are a fan of Japanese animation and MMORPG, Definitely try this!

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