V of War | BATTLE ROYALE GAMEPLAY PC Foptage | 10 VR Mechs V.S 40 PC soilders

【V of War Battle Royale Mode allows 10 VR Mechs and 40 non-VR soldiers battle it out until the only one left who becomes the winner. In V of War, no matter you are VR or FPS enthusiasts, you will be addicated to this game absolutely.】

We know it is a crazy idea to combine the most popular elements of 【battle royale】and 【VR FPS】into one game , BUT, thanks to the “adamant” development team, we stand together and finally make it possible.

We have recorded this video which is more 【PC version foottage】, and the VR version footage will come soon.

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If you have any feedback or suggestion to our game, please fell free to leave comment below!

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