VR chat Features and Gameplay!

Hello world and today i bring you guys a video for VR chat, a free to play social platform that is on PC. I think i found da wae….

It’s an interesting experince i don’t play this type of things very often or “at all” in this case, since my friends like to actually “PLAY” games and i certainly find most of these social platform isn’t very interesting to me because a lot of time it’s just a place for people to socialize and not really there to play any sort of game in traditoinal sense.

Plus i don’t really know anyone who use this program regardless and generally I do feel like it’s really awekward to hang around in these social platform when you have nothing to say..

Anyway it still an cool idea, and VR, I also love the ability to use varity of character models. but if u don’t have a lot of friends to hang out with u would most likely to find this thing less than enjoyable. but if you do have friends who can play this game with then you are most likely going to have way more fun.

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